Right to manage: notice of invitation to participate invalid

The purpose of a notice of invitation to participate under section 78 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 is to afford to all qualifying tenants of flats in the premises the opportunity to become members of a right to manage (“RTM”) company. Qualifying tenants are entitle to membership (section 74(1)(a)) and in order to give effect to that entitlement the RTM company is required to inform all qualifying tenants who are not already members of its existence, present membership and intentions.

In the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) case of Triplerose Ltd v Mill House RTM Company [2016] the RTM Company was formed in 2011 and gave notices of invitation to participate to each of the qualifying tenants of the 6 flats on 19 March 2013. The notices of invitation to participate wholly omitted the notes which should have been included as part of the prescribed form.

The Tribunal said that the inclusion of the notes in the prescribed form was essential to the validity of a notice of invitation to participate.

So the documents served on the qualifying tenants, having omitted the notes in their entirety were not notices of invitation to participate in accordance with section 78.

Therefore the RTM company could not under section 79(2) give a claim notice seeking to acquire the right to manage.

So the RTM Company had not acquired a right to manage.

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